Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Policies


  • Minimum purchase of $ 3,500.00 including TAX in decorative products.
  • Minimum purchase of 15 pieces of dried foliage.
  • Minimum Purchase of 12 pieces from the line of shell ornaments.


Christmas trees are handled separately from other items
The sale of trees can be just as follows.

  1. tree plus $ 100.00 pesos guide (refills only) 
  2. tree but at least $ 3500.00 of decorative products. 
  3. trees.

• Send a written request via fax or email to avoid misunderstanding of lift models when ordering. Your contribution will be returned to that please review and if you agree to deposit the amount.
• The client must send by fax or e-mail your deposit slip with the order data.
If you can not fax or email, please call 01 800 0874 14 and provide the following information: customer name, amount deposited, bank name, order number, date of deposit and telephone.
• The request is usually sent to the customer the next business day of confirmation of deposit if it is confirmed before 2 pm. In times of expos, usually orders will be shipped 1 week after confirm the deposit if the workload permits.
• Each time the customer wishes to purchase product in amounts greater than $ 20,000.00 including TAX invoice issuance, you apply a 5% discount.
Shipping charges will be no cost to the customer to any city in Mexico except furniture.
* If the package indicates that the destination of the order is long route, we ask that you provide an address of a nearby city to its people to check whether the package can deliver your order at no additional cost. If that does not have an alternate address, we ask $100 and that packages that extra charges as a destination is away from his usual route.
If you want your order is sent to (office occurs), it is requested by a letter where the client is responsible for shipping as we have had bad experiences with that service.



  • Customer has 5 days (after receiving the package) to notify the seller of any claim for the goods. After that time does not accept any complaints except failures. 
  • The customer has 7 days (after receiving the package) to send a photo of the product (s) with damage. 
  • You can send the picture in the following ways: 
  • In the following e-mail: 
  • By fax, if the damage is clearly visible to No. 01 477 2114 396 
  • In the address listed at the bottom 
  • Please include your billing information, phone number and name of the parcel. 
  • The customer must ship the items along with their data, reminding the requirements for ensuring appropriate. 
  • Merchandise must be returned with original packaging, the product without modification or abuse. 
  • The freight cost of shipping the goods to our warehouse and return the same goes for the client. 
  • We will check the part in question to determine whether the warranty. Where applicable warranty, it will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the customer and send you on your next order. 
  • Should you require the goods before sending another request, the client must pass to get his security at our facilities or need to cover the shipping back of it. 
  • The guarantee refunds shall be repaired or replaced within a maximum of 30 days. From the time you have 30 days to claim their merchandise. We recommend you to claim these goods on your next order to take advantage of the shipment. After this time it is declared abandoned and we are not responsible for the product.

The address for sending the goods is:
Calle Orense # 1103 COL. SOUTH VISTA HERMOSA c.p. 37330. LEON, GUANAJUATO. MEXICO. TEL .- 01 477 2114 141